What is FX EARNS?

Fx earns is an investment platform which provides  investors with LITTLE CAPITAL the opportunity to  learn how to trade in FOREX market and also make  income while learning.

Benefits of FX EARNS?

Investors will be able to invest as little as NGN5,000 which would give them access to a detailed course for FOREX TRADING and also yield them as much as NGN170,000 in the space of one month.


Fx Earns is not an MLM program of any form. We teach  people FOREX trading while we invest their tuition  using our tested and trusted trading bots, this is
monitored by our Forex trading experts engaged on the
team. We are sorely a Forex learning and Investment

How does it work?

Fx Earns offers different packages:

Basic – NGN 8,000 in 14 days (60%ROI)
Advanced – NGN 17,000 in 14 days (70%ROI)
Pro – NGN 34,000 in 28 days (70%ROI)
Master – NGN 85,000 in 31days (70%ROI)
Diamond – NGN170,000 in 40days (70%ROI)

  • When you buy a basic package for  NGN 5,000 This gives you access to a basic course and after 14days you will get  NGN 8000 returns.

  • When you buy a Pro package for NGN 10,000 This gives you access to a Pro course and after 14days you willget NGN 17,000 returns.

  • When you buy a Diamond package for NGN 20,000 This gives you access to a Diamond course and after 28days you will get NGN 34,000 returns.

  • When you buy an Advanced package for NGN 50,000 This gives you access to an Advanced course and after 31days you will get NGN 85,000 returns.

  • When you buy a Master package for NGN 100,000 This gives you access to a Master course and after 40days you will get NGN 170,000 returns.


  • Package Earnings can be withdrawn at any time.

  • The minimum withdrawal is NGN 8000

  • The maximum withdrawal is NGN 170,000

How to deposit or withdraw funds?